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People who is new to e-mail marketing often don’t imagine that not all their sent e-mails will reach their recipients. Many reasons can compromise e-mail deliverability. Let’s try to analyze what the main reasons are.

Technical reasons

The e-mail address of your subscriber is not correct. Your subscriber could make typing errors when subscribing to your newsletter. Even an unrelevant error in typing the correct e-mail address makes it invalid. Consider that a few people forgive their correct e-mail address, and gives to you a bad one.

The recipient’s mailbox is full. It’s not a rare fact that some people don’t delete the old messages in their mailbox. Some mailboxes have a limited storage space. When the mailbox is full, all the new messages are rejected.

 The e-mail address no longer exists. It happens when old or unused mailboxes gets deleted

Network related problems. Sometimes they can occurr when a ISPruns server maintenance or something goes wrong along the network.

When e-mails don’t reach their recipients and consequently they are returned to sender, a so called “bounce” is generated. A “hard bounce” occurs when the error is permanent (i.e. when the e-mail address no longer exists). “Soft bounces” are related to temporary errors (i.e. when a recipient isn’t reacheable due to a network failure, the system tries to deliver again the message).

Anti spam filters

Another big problem in delivering your e-mail marketing campaigns is represented by spam filters. Even you’re not spamming, sometimes your e-mail can be considered as apam anyway. So it can be deleted or moved into the spam folder of the recipient’s e-mail reader.

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